Account Myself

Account Myself

Accounts manager to Add / Edit, Show / Hide, Activate / Deactivate accounts. Can record VAT data with VAT accounts. Can add new transactions easily with the all-in-one interface with VAT or without VAT. Categories to categorize transactions. You can easily filter your transactions later. Categories has a tree structure. Transactions summary view with filters to view / edit transactions easily. Several types of reports with filters to view / print your business data in a useful manner. All facilities to manage your Debtors / Creditors and Cheques.

Database and the application is password protected.

Widgets to display major business information. Users can see all business activities at a glance. System try icon with quick access to all major functions. Users don’t have to keep the application open in the desktop. They can minimize it to tray. When they want to do something, they can do it by selecting the option in tray right click menu.

Account Myself


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  • greennaturesoft

    by greennaturesoft

    "Nice software for any type of business"

    Yes, this is a nice software for any type of business. Application have all features to manage any business. helpful ...   More.